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via Hughes Syndrome Foundation/Facebook page NEW TEST from Japan

If you are on Facebook do give the page a like on there, I will link it at the bottom but first ....

Significant new research from Japan could be finally (!) be moving us nearer to having just one test which identifies people with APS - even those who do not test positive for any of the current ones. With over 83% testing positive for this new test, this is a real breakthrough and will be helpful for those people deemed to be 'sero-negative'.

Liking the page helps to raise awareness, most of my friends and family have.....


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I think they have known about this for awhile, or at least were heading that way. Take a look at this study from a few years ago.



Thanks. MaryFx


Done x


Japan is ahead of the game as far as I get to hear. Even Mayo Clinic (USA) known for superior/comprehensive lab programs send their US patients blood to affiliated Japanese research labs.


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