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Hey MaryF, I have a question for you about my TSH numbers. I've been doing some digging through my medical records from 2012 and I found my TSH numbers. My TSH was 3.75. I read that there is an ongoing debate amongst Physicians of whether or not patients with TSH levels over 3.0 need to be treated for Hypothyroidism. Apparently anything under a 5.0 is deemed to be a normal level. I wanted to ask you what you think about this MaryF because you are quite knowledgeable on this subject. I know you guys are going to tell me to find an APS specialist in the states and I'm working on that. I just want to know if I should push my doctors to run more tests, or to treat me for Hypothyroidism. This could explain why I am sleepy all of the time and have a hard time getting my energy levels up. I've always felt like there was something wrong with me because I always sleep a lot. I've been this way since my teenage years. Maybe there really is a link between my TSH and my APS diagnosis. Any how, I appreciate any advice you guys can give me on this.

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  • There is a really good thyroid section here. If you give them a whole set of your latest thyroid tests they will give you feedback. Since most endochrinogists treat you according to how you relate to your "range"instead of how you feel, a lot of people don't get much help from docs. Many of the people in the thyroid group believe in self treating. If you are in the US and looking to go on disability, this can be a cause for dismissing your case since you would"not complying with you doctor's orders." It is possible to find some more forward looking doctors, but it takes some doing. I did at one time, but now I'm only getting the minimal dose, which isn't much help.

  • Hey, is this the same AnnNY from the chronic pain forum on daily strength? I'm on there too under a different name. I'm not looking to get disability for Thyroid problems. I have other more serious problems that I have filed for disability for. I just want to try and figure out why I feel so crummy all of the time. I'm gonna request my last TSH results from a few months back and then post them up on here and see what kind of advice I can get. Thanks for the reply.

  • Yes, I was happy to see you here, since they are so knowledgeable about APS.

  • Hi - TSH is NOT a good measure of your thyroid. You need to ask for your FT3 and FT4 as well as both your thyroid antibodies - TPO and thyroglobulin to be done. Then post them here with the reference ranges and we can see if things are where they should be.

  • I will keep an eye out on my Thyroid from here on out APSNOTFAB. My grandmother had a dead thyroid. I don't know if she had Hashimoto's, but her thyroid completely went out when she was older. This makes me wonder if I might have inherited these disorders from her side of the family. All of her brothers and herself had Alzheimer's. Looking back, I wonder if they had poor circulation to the brain that could have caused their mental issues. Thank you for the advice. I finally found the Thyroid UK site. It has a lot of information on there. I know that having my TSH so high means that I need to keep an eye on things. I've also been having a lot of dry mouth in the mornings. I never had that before. All this stuff started after my DVT and APS diagnosis. At least I know what to look for and what it is I'm dealing with right now. Thank you all for the support. Hugs!

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