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INR win!

Hi everyone,

After my appointment yesterday with my rhuematologist, I can finally go back to my GP and insist they change my INR range. The consultant is writing to them as well but for the past 3 years they've had me on a therapeutic range of 2-3 instead of 3-4.

I'm just extremely grateful I've not had a serious thrombotic event since my initial PE's!

I'm also being referred up to St Thomas's so I'm really hopeful they will finally discuss taking me off warfarin and trying me on something else. Baby steps though, I'm just glad my INR is finally being addressed!

Hope everyone else is OK today! TGIF, I'm glad it's almost the weekend!

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Great news. Keep us up to date.



Well done on your calm and determined path forward.... please let us know how it all goes. Great news, and have a great week-end. MaryF


Great news on the INR range --It can be a battle with the PCP's

MY range is 2.5 to 3.5 --most recently on the high side 3.6 the last 2 weeks before i plummeted to .08 and the week before that was 7.0 .

This is and has always been my problem since 2009--and with that happening all the time i had quite a battle trying to get them to raise my range up.

but best of luck my friend --- C & J


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