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hi everyone

hi haven't been on here a while but has any1 had the procedure tubal litigation done.... its the safest way for me to be steralised .....I have had 3 nos from consultants regarding the full due to see a consultant on the 23rd sept and anybody got any advice please.......I am 29 hav 2 children n my family is complete and don't want risk another pregnancy....I currently have an implant fitted but need something permanent

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Hi, if they won't do it, have you looked into having the Mirena coil fitted? I am sure another opinion will be useful. MaryF

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I had my tubes tied with my last baby 11 years ago. The worse part about it was that my periods got heavier and more cramps. The good part is that I haven't gotten pregnant in 11 years... So there is a plus side to having it done :). Good Luck!!


Thnx so much 4 advice x


When our family was complete, even though I did not yet have symptoms of APS, my hubby had his " tubes" tied, thus sparing me all those complications. For him, it was simply a matter of comparing risk and possible side effects. And he has had no problems, and we have had no further pregnancies.

--wouldn't trade him for the world!


Thank you Gina x


Thnx Mary but I don't think that the. Coil 4 me xxx


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