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Does anyone know if it is common for Hughes suffers to have thyroid problems? Since being diognosed in may I've put on 3 stone! I've been doing better and I'm loads more active and have put on another half a stone. I'm a healthy eater who likes the odd naughty like anyone else. My diet hasn't changed only my mobility which has been on the increase for the last 6 weeks! I no long drink alcohol so not got those extra calories! what is going on? Has this happened to anyone else? Is it the drugs? I'm on warfarin, beta blocker as have AF as well. It would be nice to hear from others. My doc has said he will do a blood test but after reading thyroid ass web site they say GP's are not good at diognoising the condition!! Help!!!

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Hi Jomack Not sure if Hughes and weight gain are connected but you've got me wondering. I have also put on weight in last couple of years and still gaining but put it down to menopause. I have an appointment at St Thomas's Hospital in London to see a specialist (at last) so will ask the question.

On this subject, I went on the choose and book system to choose my appointment for 24th September and have now been told it has been cancelled and rebooked for 22nd October which is not convenient for me but I will have to get around it somehow. My question is this, what is the point of choose and book if they then change it?


Yes, it is oh so common for Hughes patients to also have thyroid issues. Just do a brief search on this site and you will find more posts then you can read in a day! But as you start down the thyroid diagnosis road, bear in mind that the " quick, cheap and easy" thyroid blood tests are not very accurate. So just because a doc assures you your thyroid is fine based on a blood test outcome does not really rule out a defect.


Hi there, Professor Hughes himself often writes about the trio of disease, which is Hughes Syndrome/APS, Sjogrens and Thyroid issues. Please look back through my posts and see the article I loaded up on Thyroid problems which explains clearly how often the right tests are not done! Also I suggest you join Thyroid UK on this same HU platform, they have a lot of our members and vice versa! MaryF


Thank you guys for response.. Also I've been reading gluten free is a good idea so I think my next food shop will be my start! What is the best supermarket for gluten free range? Thanks Jo


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