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HSF Patients' Day transcript now available

For those of you who prefer print to audio, our Patients' Day transcript is now available in PDF format so you can download and read it for free - thanks to Frances Dixon for making this possible. You can also buy the hardcopy booklet for £4 from a link on this page.

And ... if you're one of those very organised people, you can also sign up for our 2015 Patients' Day :)

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Thank you, for loading this on! I will of course come to the next one and bring along more medical staff! MaryF


Thanks Mary - please bring as many medical staff as you can :) Hopefully, I'll see you at Thyroid UK in October too if you're going?


Yes Lynn and I booked TUK months ago, staying 2 nights to allow for travel etc. I will issue early invites to Patients Day when i get a chance. MaryF


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