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eye hemorrhage

Three days ago I had an eye hemorrhage. I kept getting a funny feeling in eye and when looked in mirror could not see the white of my eye. It was a deep reddish/purple color. I've sometimes had a burst blood vessel but not like this. Went to the ophthalmologist and she called it a "subconjunctivity hemorrhage". Said a blood vessel bursts and this is what happens. She looked behind retina and said no bleeding there, so just take it easy and it will take a couple of weeks to go away. Next morning, called my hematologist and said to come in for PT/INR. Surprisingly it was only 2.3 whereas four days ago it was 3.2. Hematologist said it sometimes happens while on warfarin--not to worry but if it gets worse to see him again--also said come back in a week for another PT/INR.

I am still awaiting a visit in September with a neuro/ophthalmologist for another problem.

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Take care Mozelle and let us know how you get on.



Hi Mozelle,

Try to keep the INR over at least 3.0. The INR changes a lot in 4 Days. I know because I selftest. 2.3 is quite too low.

Best wishes to you and let us hear how it goes for you!



As I ynderstand you are going to see your hematologist next week and another neurolog/optalmologist in the beginning of September. Tell them of this APS illness that you must be on at least 3.0 and to be there steady. Could you get an APS-doctor also it would be good for you. You should be tested at least every week at the lab.

I understand this is difficult for you but I believe it is very important for you,

Best wishes to yo Mozelle and to Co-Co from Kerstin


Hi, let us know how you get on, at least the two people involved in your care so far have been on the ball, this can only count in your favour. MaryF


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