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Advice on non blanching rash with isolated prolonged APTT ^61

I am looking to find out some info if anyone can help. My god daughter who is a toddler was not too well yesterday and A&E first said could be hand, foot and mouth then HSP (henoch-schonlein purpura). After quite a long time they said my friends could go home and they didn't know what had caused the rash but they would be called back to see a haematologist this week as a problem with clotting had shown up in the blood tests. The discharge notes said non blanching rash, isolated prolonged APTT ^61. I think this means it took 61 seconds for the blood to form a clot and think normal time is 30-50 seconds. This is second time in a 12 month period she has been to A&E with a non blanching rash that couldn't be diagnosed. If anyone has any experience I would appreciate any info.

Many thanks in advance.

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My daughter aged 5 had a purple rash, like dark bruises and blood blisters all over her lower limbs down to her feet, she also at the time apparently passed a Lupus test, although the local hospital in their lack of wisdom at the time, did not do enough about this. However it was felt that she had had henoch-schonlein purpura, I had taken her along to out of hours thinking it was that, as I had previously looked after a child with it in London years before and recognized the rash. She did feel unwell and also had very very painful feet. However if they suspect henoch-schonlein purpura

she must be monitored as it can in some cases affect the kidneys. Do not be shy to visit hospital/doctor frequently if you have any concerns.

My daughter had no complications from it regarding kidneys at the time, but now in later life at 13 Systemic Lupus and Sero Negative Hughes Sydndrome.

She is now 17!



Hi Mary,

Many thanks for replying. Given my own history I know it's difficult to get answers, this was a bit out of my range know a wee bit but really need advice as my friends are worried and have asked me as they have details of the blood tests that the hospital want to get now which are lupus anticoagulant and antiphosphilipid antibodies which I know about but I don't know about HSP or ATTP.

Thank you for your input its much appreciated.



I hope it goes away quickly, most hospitals will be careful with HSP, however my friends child had it, and does not have Lupus or any other autoimmune disease it was just a one off. This link has some great info:



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