Does anyone know of a doctor to monitor INR Levels & Familiar with APS in Manhattan in NYC?? (preferably affiliated with NY Presbyterian)

I have a great rheumatologist who is a lupus specialist and is very familiar with APS but does not monitor INR levels. I need an internist who is familiar with APS and will take responsibility for monitoring my INR levels. Had a stroke on 3/1/14 and am on a journey to take care of this puzzling syndrome! Thank you all for this wonderful site.

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  • there is a Dc in NYC at HSS--, I just can't think of his name -But I run into the same thing about a specialist continuing to monitor your INR after you are stable , they want you to be done by a PCP -- ?? jet here in N.H.

  • I found a Coumadin Clinic but am not a clinic patient so I don't qualify. My current MD who is new is monitoring me but not familiar with APS sooo I need a doctor who can understand what's going on with me in relation to fluctuations in INR.

  • Hi HSS in Manhattan is doing research on APS and other Autoimmune is a list of


    I see a Rheumatologist in Northern New Jersey (diagnosed my APS and in my opinion prevented a stroke)

    and she recommends HSS... hope this helps

  • It does help a lot. I may have to go there. I'm at the Northern end of Manhattan on the West Side and HSS is on the East Side midtown but if they're the best--well--I may have to travel.

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