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Anybody with SLE and APS find a lupus flare causes a drop in their INR?

Still awaiting medication for SLE but am at the start of a flare. Blood test yesterday saw my INR drop to 1.7 (range 2.5 - 3). I was just wondering if these two facts were associated? Incidentally malar rash noticed by my neurologist yesterday, which was first time thats been noticed by a medic.

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Yes I tend to now not wear make-up when I go to see Doctors and since then mine has been noted a few times. I have not passed a Lupus test however I get all the typical Lupus symptoms when I go into flare. I am prescribed a short sharp small dose of tapered steroids which normally help to take the edge off and stop it prolonging for too long. I would not be surprised if the INR drop was associated with the flare especially if you have been taking increased pain medication.

I hope you get your new medication sorted soon.



My personal experience is that Lupus flare drop my INR, the APS flares always raise them. Diagnosis was 9 years ago, and although controlled well with medication for some years it's always done the same.

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I also have not passed the Lupus tests but I do notice INR drops with a flare. Flares tend to occur when my cycle is coming, when I am stressed and when It is very hot outside.


Just to elongate the tale a bit more....

I had two severe raynauds flares which triggered lupus flares. The lupus caused so much pain I couldnt move to take my warfain and lo and behold my INR dropped.


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