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Medical Negligence/claiming costs back from NHS?

Hi all, I have a follow up appointment with Prof K in a fortnight to get my blood results. he has said I have APS, my rheumatologist stated in a letter that I don't have it....Depending on what the blood results are from Prof K, if I get solid proof on paper... I'm wondering if anyone has claimed medical negligence or taken on the NHS to claim back the costs of having to seek private help? This is the best money I've spent but it doesnt take away from the fact in all after my next appointment it will have cost me approximately £1500....when you live on a part time wage and student loans with 3 children this is a massive massive chunk of money, I expect it is for anyone. Do I have grounds to claim just the costs back in some way?

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You could try it but in all honesty I don't like your chances. Taking on the NHS in a legal claim, which have the ability to throw everything at it and will drag you through the mud on what will come down to in the end, a medical opinion, is a daunting thought. I dont doubt that its not fair and you should not have to do it but they have bottomless pockets of our money to fight these cases where as you have clearly stated that you do not.

Im really sympathetic for you, but use your feelings of anger to fight this so that you get the care that you need now that you do have the diagnosis. Become your own advocate and make sure that these ignorant Doctors learn about our condition. You may not get your money back but hopefully you will get proper treatment from the NHS that you have paid into and deserve to be treated from.


You're right Apsnotfab, I think I just hoped that with it being.good on paper that they've said I havnt got it...then prof K saying I do, that I may be able to claim back my costs....I really hope I don't have any more problems getting treated correctly. Thanks for the honesty, I know it would be an almost impossible task...and one I cannot be chewed fighting for this time, like you say my health is the priority over stressing about finances that are already gone really xxx


Although it is wrong, our institutions are rigged to deflect and robustly see off complaint, it is sad as often the very expensive formal complaint system wastes money and wears patients out, just always keep the relevant paperwork to hand and generate the correct amount of letters to sit on the top of your medical files and cancel the less professional paperwork out. I have done this for myself and for all my children. Yes I have incurred costs, but you have to let them go and use them to get back on track with the NHS. MaryF


I agree with the above. I have been told by the NHS that my blood tests are negative therefore I absolutely do not have APS, despite clinical history, family history and on going symptoms. My mum has financially supported my three appointments at London Bridge who have been hugely helpful in getting my local hospital to re-think and look after me. Without Prof Hughes I would be seen as a hypochondriac. I understand how you feel but sadly, do not fancy your chances.


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