buying the best book(s) regarding Hughes/APS?

Hi this question is perhaps for the admin-if they or anyone could help. As a Hughes patient I have been recently looking on Amazon for books regarding my illness and my family are asking which one(s) come highly recommended and are going to treat me for xmas bless them, any suggestions will be of great help, thank you kindly..........

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  • I would look on the HSF website as most of the books for sale on there because of the fact they are also good for patients. The two sticky blood books by Kate Thackeray are a good start and not expensive. And Prof Hughes Blog book is also a good read because it tells you a lot about different patients symptoms.

  • Great advise AP--{our Angel of direction } god love ya buddy -----:-) jet

  • Thank you the blog book is their more than one?

  • Are the books with free post and packing?

  • I am struggling to find out where to go on the Hughes site to buy Kay Thackray's book. Can anyone help me please?

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