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Some Thyroid Information

So many of us appear to have Thyroid issues, and in the main they often do not get picked up. I had to go outside of the NHS and do detailed tests where it showed up. I might add the right professor in London picked up my clearly obvious reflexes which behave differently when you have Hypo Thyroid issues such as I have. Also as Professor Hughes clearly states to be affected by one or other of the Thyroid Disorders is common with Hughes Syndrome as is Sjogrens Disease. This useful paper, (a bit wordy), pinched off the Thyroid UK Forum, explains why it can easily be missed. I had most of the physical symptoms and still I did not fit into the narrow parameters. As soon as I started treatment, I lost my night time palpitations and also the unremitting Insominia I had.

Also a useful film:

Mary F x

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Hi my consultant isn't sure whether I have APS but advised I may want to start taking aspirin. Over the last four years I have had a range of different symptoms and your article caught my attention because of the remark about night time palpitations. I am going to my docs next week as my main symptoms come on at night when sleeping or the early hours of the morning and wondered whether these could be connected to thyroid issues. They are palpitations, jittery nerves all over legs (I wake up shaking internally) , breatlessness and feels like I'm jumping out of my skin. Do you have any views on why this is happening.


Hi there, it is very common to have Thyroid issues with APS, and unfortunately many doctors appear to not notice the physical symptoms of these, there are many tell tale signs. I had huge weight gain over a two year period, now reducing and also unremitting Insomnia, amongst other things, however it is difficult as so many symptoms of autoimmune can over lap. Best of luck having this looked into. Mary F x


Can't believe this but went for my Warfarin check at the surgery this morning to be told they needed to take extra blood today.... checking my thyroid!


Good! MaryF x


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