Christmas cards now available from the HSF charity

Christmas cards now available from the HSF charity

We wouldn't normally post so early about Christmas cards (it's only October!), but there has been an unprecedented demand and one card design has already sold out. Do not dismay, we have plenty of new designs, so please have a look - it also helps raise awareness if you can gently persuade your friends and family to support us too :)

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  • LOVE the nutty one!! :)

    We will have to talk at some point in the future about who does your designs, prints, etc. as this may be a good fundraiser here in the USA as well.

    Wishing I had the $ to order some but I also still have some really cute ones from before!

  • Thank you :) The 'nutty' one is selling really well already and we're out of two other design now - people seem to be really organised this year. Yes, am happy to discuss our charity's suppliers etc whenever you're ready

  • Just ordered mine, I thought I would be fair ordered some from yourself and some from Lupus charity. Definitely don't mind buying cards when you know it's supporting a good cause, thank you x

  • Thanks Sammy - ordered received and ready to go :) x

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