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After several eptopic pregnancies, i dont know whats normal now. I am bleading heavily from small problems (mosquito bites)- scratches take more than 5 hours to control. I'm bleading heavily (change super towel every hour). I cant function normally. When do woman give up and see a doctor . I cant afford a doctor right now. If i'm bleading a lot, when is it a big issue

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  • Hi there, you need to work out which doctor to see so you get the most out of your appointment, who looks after your condition and monitors your INR? This does need more supervision and blood tests as constant bleeding like this could affect your iron levels also. You may find you need a complete overhaul. Please ask members if any live in your specific area in order to fine tune where you think of going! I would certainly think of sorting this out sooner rather than later. Mary F x

  • Thanks for your reply. But i need somthing apart from doctors, as the cost is prohibitive.- i cant afford to see a doctor. I know i have some issues- heavy menstruation, deep bruising, but i can't afford to see a doctor - . As i can't afford a doctor, but do have internet- im kind of hoping to 'cure' my own problems

  • Well we are not doctors, we are members with a shared disease(s), and it would help if you said where you are located. There will be some help for you somewhere, you sound as if you are wishing for help on many levels. Mary F x

  • I feel we can't help you any further, you need to go either to casualty or your nearest ER department. MaryF x

  • I would also like you if possible to write to whichever ADMIN you feel comfortable with so we can help you find the right support, rather than posting further questions, until we can help you with these issues in more detail. Mary F x

  • Allison - your condition, which you have mentioned now on three other threads today on this site - ADP platelet receptor P2Y12, deficiency which is a deficiency of a compound (P2Y12) involved in the blood clotting process which results in bleeding problems. Given this, surely you should know that you need to seek medical help because it is the likely cause of your bleeding issues. I urge you to seek help without delay.


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