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My GP suggested a while ago that I might benefit from CBT to help deal,withnhaving a chronic condition and gave me the name of someone but I never followed it up. But it was suggested again a couple of weeks ago by another GP who referred me to local service. They sent me one of those ghastly questionnaires asking me about how I had been feeling over the last two weeks; that was the first stumbling block as I have trouble recalling what I did and how I felt the day before!

I got an assessment call from some young girl who went through the questionnaire and like when you go through a check list with BT or the gas board got to the end didn't know what to do with me. And I hadn't a clue what goals I want to achieve. I was offered a pain management course which I don't need so said no. She reported back to her supervisor and I have been offered a phone consultation. Has anyone else tried this? I don't feel comfortable discussing personal issues over the phone with someone I have never met.

I called the counsellor suggested by my GP and she offers CBT and does a clinic near me one day a week. So in a bit of a dilemma here because I can't do both. And there is also the issue of cost as she like many others won't work with BUPA any more.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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I was referred for CBT by GP as recommended by Consultant Psychologist (Iwas referred by my neurologist to him).

I too had to complete stupid tickbox and have telephone consultation. I was then told that they couldn't help me because my memory was too poor!

I told my neurologist this when I next saw him and he wasn't at all amused but have had no further help!

Rubbish isn't it?

Hope your experience will be better than mine xx


Thanks Sue

Sounds as if our experiences are much the same!

I will try one phone consult to see what is on offer as it would be nice to get something from the NHS and then see whether to think about paying to go privately.

Will let you know how it goes! X


Hope you get on okay. My daughter has been having telephone CBT as she has agoraphobia and ME/CFS so can't have face to face as they don't do home visits. She was told today she's had her 6 sessions and normally she would have to go up to the next level which is face to face but not sure what to do with her now, she felt she was slowly making progress but if they can't sort something out she'll be back to square 1


I have been offered a 30 min telephone consultation next Monday and have been sent a booklet to read which my addled brain can't follow. Face to face doesn't seem to be an option as the company have two branches neither anywhere near me. Will give it a try and see what happens.

Sorry about your daughter. I do hope she can get some more help.


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