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I have primary APS and I get one cold hand after running, what could cause this??

Hi, I have primary APS - I had a Sagittal sinus thrombosis in 2007, I'm 26 years old. I was diagnosed with APS in Jan, and I take warfarin and beta blockers. I'm very active, I do a lot of exercise, I run regularly normally around 5k and I also do other daily workouts (insanity workouts, which is interval training). And each time I go running my left hand is always freezing cold and my right hand is warm. My left hand is so cold it has a cold sweat. It's really odd, and this happens regardless of the weather. Has anyone experienced this or know what it might be please? All help much appreciated :)

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Hi, I get cold hands especially my left hand in all weathers mine started with pain and then went cold and blue then finally a blood clot . Are you on nifedipine? That helps keep circulation going. Think you might need to mention this to the doctor?Do you wear gloves on the cold hand might be idea I have to wear a glove especially in winter can't afford feet or hands to get cold.

Hope that helps?



Hi - it sounds as if you have a condition called Raynaulds Phenomenon which can go hand in hand (oh sorry!) with Hughes. I was also going to suggest wearing Gloves. I would mention it to your Doctor the next time you are having a check-up.


Agree with APsnotFab, I'd put my money on Raynauds. If u have 1 AI condition, chances our u'll have a few more, or at least the elements of others. I was diagnosed with Raynauds many moons ago & I too get it regardless of the weather, also regardless of whether or not I wear gloves, how warm I am etc (quite comical the looks I've had while walking round in shorts, sunglasses with the fantastic accessory of pure white, ice blue or purple hands, depending on which colour they decide 2 turn!). I myself took nifedipine but all it did was make my blood pressure drop 2 the point of passing out 5 times a day, with no improvement of the Raynauds BUT I DO know a lot of people that get on brilliantly with it. All that's by the by, u need 2 c u're GP & get checked ;)


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