Kidney infection related to Hughes Syndrome and/or SLE?

Hi all,

I was wondering whether a kidney infection is a common issue in Hughes Syndrome or SLE. I recently had one, my GP put me on amoxicillin for 5 days but I still experience symptoms despite having completed the course of antibiotics. I am thinking of re-visiting my GP in case the 5-day course wasn't sufficient but I was wondering whether it could be connected to either condition and whether I should let my rheumatologist know as well. Any suggestions?


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  • Not sure if it is related but I'm pregnant & I am on my 3rd round of antibiotics. Was originally treated for kidney/bladder infection a month & 1/2 ago and still battling. Trying a powdered antibiotic this time. Fingers crossed this takes care of it.

  • Go back and see your Gp, take a urine specimen with you, he will know from the test whether you still have UTI and need more antibiotics. I would drink loads too

  • Hi there, hope you feel better soon, I had literally non stop urine infections and appeared to have a chronically inflamed bladder. I am only on aspirin twice a day, but I now take D Mannose and there do not appear to be any problems with this being taken and I have been led to believe that there are no counter reactions with anti coagulation. Prior to this I was on cranberry supplements which had stopped working for me. However do keep testing ask reception for a sample pot when you arrive at the surgery, that way you can march into the GP with it ready.. rather than being sent out again only to back! Mary F x

  • I have chronic bladder inflammation from SS and APS. And was frequently treated for UTIs that clearly weren't any such thing. Kidneys can definitely be affected by these autoimmune conditions and need careful monitoring. Should be referred to urologist/nephrologist for investigations. You may need anti-inflammatories rather than antibiotics. I had to have polyps in my bladder cauterised under GA. Best of luck.

  • Several years ago I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. They found inflammation at base of bladder. Went on to be diagnosed with Sjogrens and APS, taking Aspirin. Find this really informative and even wonder if it is Interstitial Cystitis or just the other conditions all along. Same situation treated for UTI,s which were not. Learning all the time. Thanks

  • Thank you all for your helpful advice and for listening. I really appreciate it. I am starting to think Coppernob might be right. Now my ankles are swelling too which as far as I know has nothing to do with kidney infections on top of pain in my flank, frequent urination, loss of appetite and fatigue. I am seeing my GP again next week but I don't want to get all paranoid about it. It is really frustrating when you don't know if it is a simple infection or if it is related to APS or SLE... :-( thanks again. Keep smiling xxx

  • Hi there, please do get checked, water retention in the feet and ankles can be indicative of many things, including in legs and ankles area - even a Thryoid not properly functioning or perhaps another organ under stress, but of course may just be straight forward inflammation... and water retention... but do persist, i you are not happy keep pushing.. you will know best if something is not right. Mary F x

  • Swollen ankles can def be indication of kidney problems. So make sure GP takes all this seriously. See him sooner if you can. :-)

  • Hello,

    Thanks everybody. Will see my GP on Monday and emailed my specialist too. I guess it is always hard not to feel paranoid about every little thing that might present but sometimes you need to. Bless you!


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