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My mobility has steadily declined over the past two years and it is really getting me down. I was diagnosed with fibro two years ago but my leg and back pain were helped greatly by large doses of Vit D; but it made no difference to the doubling of the fatigue. I had an MRI scan of my knee recently which revealed osteoarthritis and that has been very painful so am having physio. The combination of things means that I can't walk very far and go at a snail's pace. I use one or two sticks which help. There are times when I am tempted to try a scooter but my GP and physio think it isn't good to go down that road yet. At least I managed to get a blue badge which gives more freedom to get out and about. I am only 61 and my 92 yr old dad can walk further and faster than me!

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I really sympathize with you. I have a meniscus tear that had gone untreated for nearly 5 months, and now my other knee is having problems. I think it's because I have been limping so long, but with me having recurring episodes of tendonitis, I hope something more sinister isn't responsible.

It has affected my ability to work and care for my kids, and I occasionally use the motorized scooter in public. Like you, I really hope this isn't the new normal. I don't have any advice, but I wanted to offer my support.


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