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Totally off subject and self indulgent

Im off on my 3 day Greenbrier River Trail adventure today. Today is the long car ride up to the mountains. Tomorrow is the first leg of our 77 mile bike ride. I'll try to post a picture, if I can figure out how.


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Good for you, have a really great time, will look forward to the photo's! Mary F x


They are predicting thunderstorms for 2 of our biking days. I'm prepared but hoping for picture perfect weather.

Years ago I lead a girl scout troop on a 12 mile segment of the GRT. As the sky began to darken I rounded the girls up, told them that if the storm actually arrived we would leave our bikes on the trail. And, after I checked for snakes and poison ivy, we would lay down in the muddy ditch beside the trail. As a chorus of dissenting murmers began I raised my voice, and hand indicating "Silence," and continued, " and this fall, when the boys brag about what they did at their scout camp you're going to tell them about how you lay in a ditch in the middle of the wilderness while a scary thunderstorm played out overhead."

Silence from the group as we all turned and remounted our bikes. The sky was actually looking less threatening. After a mere 2 cranks on my pedals one of my scouts loudly asked, " Ms. Gina, the sky looks real bad. Can we please lay down in the ditch now?"

Maybe this time I'll earn my ditch laying begging rights.


Gina and hubby: Have a wonderful, pain free and safe trip, sans any thundering storms overhead. I can't wait for the photos and for the telling of the tale.

Happy Trails To You!




Here I sit on a covered porch, in a porch swing, a mockingbird singing, and The Greenbrier River flowing by -- with a few contented ducks. Oh, it's gonna be hard, roughing it for the next few days.


Oh you poor thing, you're breaking my heart! Why, it would be just too bad if someone brought you a Southern Comfort on the rocks!


How wonderful to have the strength & stamina to go on such a journey, oh boy or in this case girl what an adventure I really feel for you havinjg to rough it for a while.

Happy trails indeed........Jillymo x :-)


Breakfast with the ducks. Pictures will have to be posted as I do not know how to send them. But there is a sloping yard below our covered porch stretching down to the river. The duck families are feasting and one male is quacking his beak off.


He could be quacking up! Keep an eye on that one.


It sounds like a lovely time, and I particularly loved your story to the girl scouts! I am a huge fan of thunderstorms and I often sit outside on the porch and watch the sky wreak havoc. To me, they are one of nature's most beautiful gifts.

Do have a wonderful time for all of us! I know I will live "through" you!


First day done. Spectacularly beautiful . 24 miles. Deer, river otter. Now having a milk shake in a coffee/ cafe "The Dirt Bean."

And no rain. Sunny, 70 F.

Beautiful trail. No cars, water and toilets ever so often. And always the river. Ripples, occasional speck of white water, and a tunnel and bridges.

I could get used to this.


Sounds marvellous, from a cool UK!I hope tomorrow is even better!


It's pouring rain this morning with predictions of flooding. So, we're not biking this morning. Will the weather improve this afternoon? Stay tuned to my self indulgent blogs. . .


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