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Jobs worth GP strikes again, I'm so mad

I mad again on behalf of my adult son.

I have written before about his useless jobs worth GP. The last thing was giving him exactly 30 heparin to tide him over until he saw the Prof again at end of May. But no follow up appointment, this guy only works part time too.

The prof want DS to see Dr D'Cruz at St Thomas to get brain MRI and more bloods etc on NHS before going on warfarin as his migraines have not improved.That's great but I guess the wait will be months.

However the prof wants him to stay on heparin in the meantime, there in hangs the problem.

The jobs worth GP who does not want to give them. He has already gone 11 days with nothing again and brain power etc is diminishing.

My worry is with positive bloods he is at risk and the GP sees no problem in him having nothing except loads of sumatriptan for daily migraine and the plaquenil.

I can't think which way to turn now as even having the best consultant on side we are stuck.

Rant over.

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Do you/your son have paperwork to support your son getting heparin? If so can you talk to other doctors/practices and see about changing to doctors who might be more understanding. I have changed GPs in the past for similar reasons though it was a good while ago and I had a fair degree of choice available. It sounds like your son needs a different doctor if you have any choice.


Yes, another doctor in the practice, see the practice manager and ask for advice without being cross, present it as practical problem, ie keeping the hospital, and GP in picture etc. would make less work for them etc. Mary F x


I cant remember if your son has ever had a clotting incident? Even so, I think your only option is to write to the practise manager and formally ask for a prescription based on the request by PH. State that if you are refused you want it written in the notes that the surgery and specific GP has refused to prescribe the heparin and that you will hold them personally responsible for the outcome should your sons health deteriorate until he gets to St T.

My worry is that I doubt very much that he will get the Heparin at St T either. When I went there the week before last and informed them that my GP was now refusing to prescribe mine, I was told that they could not prescribe it either so they would write to the GP and ask again that they do it as they feel its the GP's responsibility as I am under their care. I can see a fight coming on and this is all about cost. Good Luck.


I agree that it all boils down to hard cash. I have been taken off Heparin despite agreeing with the hospital that I should stay on it until my INR reaches 3.0. Even when my INR was as low as 2.1, I was still told to stay off it. The cost of Warfarin to a working individual is huge. The time away from work having to attend hospital clinics to have blood tests where you sit and wait for hours on some occasions is time consuming and frustrating where you are subsequently at the mercy of your employer due to the amount of time off you're having. Heparin is actually "cheaper" for the patient, despite the cost to the health authority.


The prof wants him to have heparin while he waits to go St Thomas.

Ultimately he wants him on warfarin but in view of the frequency and severity of migraines wants a brain MRI first and maybe EEG to be sure nothing else is going on.

I am wondering how long the wait will be to see Dr D'Cruz, the Prof is writing to him too as he really wants it to be DrD'Cruz to see him.


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