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APS & Varicose Vein treatment

was diagnosed with APS last year following a PE, am now on life long warfarin. I have a varicose vein that i would like treated, however not sure where i should get referred to get this operation done, I have short listed 'guys & st thomas' as they seem to have several specialist in APS, however also have Charing Cross who have a specialist Varicose Vein department. any advic would be appreciated

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Hi Bonus,

I discovered I had APS after developing a DVT after varicose vein surgery, The vascular surgeon was going to do my other leg, but told me that he won't touch me now.

SO good luck!!!


I think you would most definitely need to go to a specialist centre. Do I take it that this is your choice to have it done rather than the Doctors advising you that it should be?

If you go to St Thomas where there is a centre of excellence, they wont deal with an elective issue that is down to patient choice only if its something that urgently needs doing.

Your GP should be able to advise as you need a good vascular surgeon with APS knowledge. Id find out about the surgeon more than the centre.


thanks for your replies. Since my PE a year ago I have been having my APS treatment and consultation about the removal of my varicose vein at my local hospital, but after a year of terrible treatment, i no longer feel confident in anything they do, and so have moved my INR checking to my doctors surgery and want to look elsewhere for my varicose vein treatment.

my local hospital suggested getting my vein 'stripped', from what i understand, an outdated technique that is invasive and causes quite alot of trauma to the area. I replied with this, and asked for better alternatives but they didnt want to offer me any- even after i reminded them of my APS/Warfarin that they had 'forgot'.

Doctors seem to be happy to do the procedure, especially as it is effecting my life (legs are painful and need to constantly wear flight socks to get through the day), i am a young 36, so would rather take action now before more complications develop.


They won't touch me!, so I just live with it, my are across my abdomin, and appeared after a DVT, my leg is, what I call ' grubbed' now, I can walk, but not for a long distance, it swells up as soon as I step out of bed, and is very badly scarred ( it looks like someone has given my leg a good beating!!) and dry due to the very poor circulation, it has taken me a few years ( as a young female I was very self conscious ) to accept and live with, but the way I see it is , I've still got my leg, I can walk, and I'm still alive ....Sarahx


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