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Hate being ill !!

I seem to catch germs so easily but hate it when I'm ill, it always takes so long to feel better. I'm worried that I have to take time off work but Im a Teaching assistant and its no use me going back before I'm well enough because of all the germs flying around school!!

I've got lupus antiphospholipid syndrome and my INR has been all over the place this week whist i've been ill with flu.

BTW so glad I found this site

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Welcome, it sounds like a tricky situation, as schools seem to be the place to catch things... I certainly notice every bug mine bring home. I hope you feel better soon. M x


Hi jane,

welcome to the group i am sorry your going through a rough time i agree since my second stroke i seamed to catch everything especially when my INR is low.

If you have any questions we happy to help



Hi Jane,

Sorry you feeling so poorly. School just sends everything home with our kids. so working in one, well i couldn`t. Hats off to you hon.

Just seems every bug we catch, knocks us sideways and takes ages to get over.

Hope you feel better soon

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Jane

I am a qualified teacher but changed for a healthier working environment - working in an open plan office!! ha ha

I have written it before but I really think that a key to beating these things is spending an hour or so a day outside doing something - walking the dog or something - it helps me so much and I spend three hours on public transport every day!

hope you feel better very soon




It's hard when you're surrounded by those little "germ factories" at school!

There's been some research coming out lately (sorry I can't find the citation right now) that probiotics and acidophilis can reduce the number and severity of viral infections a person catches. Any easy thing to take, inexpensive, and can't hurt to try. I'm starting it to see if it helps.

Wish you the best



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