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Now just on heparin 100mg due to procedure on thursday i get confused as ehat is ideal level

Because of procedure told to just take heparin and leave warfarin until after all of my ops over. What is the ideal inr on heparin i had tia whilst the haem dept tryng to get their heads together two years ago. And then they put me on warfarin. Mind you it was only 40mg then.

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Hi Daisy

I'm puzzled too as I'm on Fragmin (Low Molecular Weight Heparin) but my dose is measured in IU not mg. The dose is based on body weight and I therefore have a dose of 15,000IU per day.

What i do know is that I feel much better on Fragmin than I did on Warfarin and I feel less vulnerable to bleeding and fluctuating anticoagulation control.

Best wishes.



Hi Daisy, I have recently had camera into stomach and had to stop wafarin and have tanzaparin (low molecular weight heparin). This was done between the hematologist and pre-assessment pharmasist. Once I had the precedure done I than went back on wafarin and tanzaprin until my INR was back upto range.


Hi Daisy

Firstly I am truely glad they have put you on LWMH BEFORE your procedure. As to INR, it is irrelevent where LWMH is concerned as they are different measurements. They are probably going to tell you to get your INR <1.5 to do the procedure as this is the "norm". This is to prevent bleeding, however, as we all know, with an INR that low and APS, you are more likely to clot, which is why the Hepron.

One of the others here (there are many that are true experts with this) will know what blood test they should be doing to check the effectiveness of the Hepron.

Good luck with it all.


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