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Clexane injection locations


Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could give some advised on where to inject. I've asked the question before but can't remember. I'm running out of space on my tummy and I've tried the top of my left leg a few times but just leaves a bit bump under the skin.

Also could Kate please send me the how to instructions again


MJ x

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This link talks about abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs:

I hope this helps - take your pick! John

Loads of 'How to inject clexane' videos! John

A document on your exact topic! John

PDF]Giving a subcutaneous injection - National Institutes of Health

Patient Education. 1. Giving a subcutaneous injection.

First item - pdf to download:

That's for the links. I've got another anti-natal app on Monday so I think will get them to show me

MJ x

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