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Had my steroid shot in the left hip

. . . on Monday at Duke. The shot went well, I did not go into anaphylactic shock after the shot (which I have done with injectables in the past -- they selected compounds that would not offend my easily offended immune system.)

Monday night I slept like a log -- despite the stories of steroid mania. On Tuesday night I tossed and turned -- for an odd, and oddly welcome reason: For years -- YEARS!-- I have had to roll over in bed with a certain amount of planning. If I just rolled over in my sleep without bracing and such I had stabs of pain from that hip. But Tuesday night I would prepare to roll over in my sleep, and there was none of the expected pain. So I would wake up thinking "Whats wrong! That didn't hurt!" Odd that I had so become used to sleeping though position readjustment pain that it was its absence which woke me up.

Last night I again, slept like a log.

So obviously the hip is doing better. The doc who injected me said to "stay quiet" for 3 days, then "Do you suppose you could walk up to a half a mile at one time for the following 3 days?" My husband here made a humorous squawk and I explained to the doc, "Before this flair I usually walked 3 - 5 miles a day, tried to do 10 one day a week and 20 one day a month." "Well then," he said, "I'll rephrase that. Could you limit yourself to half a mile for the 3 days after your first quiet 3?"

So today was day 1 of the half mile days. I went up to my local city park where they have a half mile paved nature trail. Nice. I saw wild geraniums, wild phlox, mayapples and a jack in the pulpit! (the jack was running late -- he must have been waiting for me!)

The orthopedist gave me an optimistic goal -- that I might well return to 20 mile hikes "before too long." That would be nice, but I'm not expecting that much recovery.

For now I've made my first and primary objective: getting through a normal day without taking naprosyn, which I know is a dicey mixture with my warfarin.

And Canary, I am trying to keep your "drunk with wellness" warnings in mind. It will be flat half a miles for the next 2 days, then I will increase mileage by only 10% every other day. And today I'm back on my bike -- but only for 2 flat miles here in my neighborhood. I'm going on a 3 day, sleeping in a luxurious riverside rental cabin biking trip down the 77 mile Greenbrier River Trail in June. A gorgeous trail. And since I'll be on a bike (and our cabin is in a relatively urban area -- at least by West Virginia standards) I won't need to worry too much about the rabid raccoons (yes, I said "rabid raccoons." Greenbrier County WV has had increasing problems from rabid animals over the past 10 years. Come to think of it -- I'll fasten my collapsable hiking stick to my bike so I'll have something to whack them over the head with (this has been my modus operandi in the past.)

TA ta! I'm off for my 2 mile bike ride.


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I'm so happy for you, Gina! It is strange when pain becomes the kind of friend like a mother in law. You live with it, you respect it, but you could do well without it. I'm so glad the injection worked for you. I'm not doing so hot this week so I'll keep this short. I'm green with envy at your planned trips, especially down the river. I always loved the river. There's something so completely alive about it. Any river. So be alive, Gina. Don't get drunk and have a wonderful time! (Be sure to bring a GPS! They are rentable if one isn't automatically on your cell phone.)

Warm wishes and happy trails!



So sorry this is not a good week for you, my GRT trip isn't until 3rd week in June, but I'll take pictures. Excep for that rabies problem, the GRT can't be beat! The State sends maintainance over each mile once a day to brush the trail. Latrines are set up at designated intervals. And my friends and I have hired an outfitter to schlep us and our bikes so we get to stay in the same cabin for 3 nights. I'm hoping that a friend's non- biking husband can be convinced he wants to come and relax by the river and cook dinner for us. ( I mean there is a full covered porch with a gas grill and tables with seating for 8.)

Let me know how things are going for you. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



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