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How do you manage with hs?

Hey, I'm new to the website but not the disease. I have diagnosed over a year ago when I was 17.

It's been pretty bad for me this year, I've had consistent surgeries and they don't stop reoccurring for long. I haven't been able to stay in college or hold down a job because I'm getting cysts so often like between October and December I had 6 removals.

I was wondering how you manage to live with hs every day and do what you want?

Does anyone manage to go to the gym consistently? Use nice skincare products not just antiseptics? Work full time? Does over-working yourself effect hs?

I'm just wondering because I'm 18 and having hs has made my life extremely difficult to study, work and socialise.

It'll be great to hear what you all have to say! Thanks!

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I'm a full time nurse and have never yet missed a day of work due to my HS - the problem is we are all so different that its hard to compare yourself to others. My HS is reasonably mild compared to lots of people, I've never had a surgery (although I am on the waiting list for one right now). It sounds like your HS is much worse than mine. What treatments have you tried? I guess we all just find our own ways of coping, work is how I cope with most things. it sounds silly but my life is so rubbish at times that work is my safe place so it makes sense that I would prioritise work over my health, I absolutely don't recommend that you do the same. Focus on you for now, although I appreciate how difficult that must be and hopefully in time you will get healthy enough to be able to do all the things you want to do.

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6 Removals?

I’ve had one and I’ve had HS since I was 8

I’m 32

I’m booked to have one under my arm removed over summer break but that’s a tunnel which are extreme

Have you looked into Humira

I have been on it for 3 years and haven’t had a new lesion in most of that time

I have a minor flare every autumn when the heating comes on but it’s old ones resurfacing not new ones

I’m a sports therapist and Studying a sports rehabilitation degree


I was listed as stage 3 before the Humira or I wouldn’t have got it, i was part of the U.K. trials


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