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Snail like blogging

Snails are slooooow. So am I when it comes to blogging! I go through phases where I can write really detailed 'articles' then a phase where I am just so distracted by everything else that I can't even put two words together. My worst enemy (and best friend) is the Sims 3. I am addicted to it, sometimes I will play all day and only get up to eat, go to the toilet and feed the rabbits! Most recently though I have been bouncing up and down squealing because I had tickets to see Starlight Express in Milton Keynes Theatre! Well I went to see it, LOVED it and ended up buying a T-shirt and cast recording! I also want to learn to roller skate, but I have the feeling I might end up in A+E rather than on stage... I can sing though!

I'll be back soon with some decent writing though so be patient!

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The same thing happens to me. Sometimes we have the ability to write in endless details about our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we are just so distracted by everything else that's it, zip. And creativity goes out the window.

It will come back though, don't worry. :)

I hope you enjoy seeing Starlight express. I love dancing and singing. Although I look like a jerky robot when dancing rather than a professional (the feeling of dancing is great though, however it looks). But I can sing a little bit.

Thankyou for taking the time to comment on my blog btw ('My speakers are getting worse') it was more just frustration than everything and I wanted someone to understand. The last couple of days have brought back some v. unpleasant memories regarding my time at secondary school. Some of the teachers just don't understand me after all this time. It was always so isolating too, being the only girl in the whole group on the spectrum...


Or rather, being the only student on the spec who was a female. Sorry it's not worded too clearly.


P.S. I love playing the Sims games as well. I could go on there for hours on end.

The sister and I have asked the Sims 3 but we are yet to receive it, besides the fact that it looks a bit complicated - it probably takes some getting used to you.


some getting used to* I can't be awake today the mistakes I keep making.


It does take a lot of getting used to so I would highly recommend only getting the Sims 3 base pack to start with. Always avoid getting the most recent upgrade though because it is usually full of glitches!


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