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Getting through

There will always be stigma but like they say when u lose someone close to u it gets better countless times I have lost possible partners as soon as I say the words hiv+ and it will always sting a little but it just makes me stronger and makes me realise if they couldn't accept me it means how closed mind and Unknowing they are about hiv I even lost a friend who is a paramedic because he was so scared and clueless. I'm getting side tracked all u wanted to say to everyone take it a day at a time there will always be downer days it's been 6 years for me and I still get them but just be urself and try accepting urself if you can do that your half way there Luck and Love to u all x

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Wonderfull, someone else's ignorance only gives us information about how uninformed they are. It's no reflection on us. We need to remember this and move forward confidently in this knowledge. Be strong.


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