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HIV Partners
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Seeking Others In or Near Bristol (LGBT or Str8)

Hi, I'm 42, queer, HIVu, and live in Bristol.

I'm seeking other poz folk in or near Bristol for friendship, or romance. I have a nice face, am well-educated and have a good - if troubled - heart. I'm seeking people to share kindnesses with.

I've been on meds 8 years and am comfortable in my pozness...but negotiating relationships isn't easy. I'm happy to hear from you whether you're finding your status easy or hard.

My interests include: sourcing and restoring mid-century furniture, photography, the theatre, and other artistic endeavours; cooking and dining out - I'm in the process of writing a recipe book; forests...and architecture; seaside and travel.

I like people who take an interest in the world and their surroundings...those with emotional intelligence.

Looking for for folk within a 20 mile radius of Bristol for a realistic offline friendship/relationship/other...Most of us, understandably don't have our facepics on our profiles; so it would be great if you could include your age in your message :)

I look forward to hearing from those of you nearby :)

N x

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Hi , I think the title of this forum is misleading " HIV Partners " sounds like a dating site , when in fact this is a place for discussing medical matters connected to HIV .

There is no way for members to contact each other here , but there are some good HIV dating sites on the internet if you look for them .


Hi hun,

I'm not near you, unfortunately !

I'm female, 49 in East kent but am taking my driving test on the 23rd (I know why did i wait so long) so could very well have wheels soon.lol

Best wishes to you x


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