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I live in the Scottish Borders and I've been asked if I'd like to help an Scottish HIV organisation in supporting others. I'm concerned about my anonymity as quite literally only the medical staff know I'm positive. Has anyone ever helped out these guys or a similar type organisation? I'd love to help but life's complicated enough at times. Looking forward to some feed back, thank you.

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  • Hi , I too live in a rural community .

    I have kept my diagnosis to myself for various reasons . The one thing I know is that everyone loves to talk about everyone else . Once you have told one person , you have told a hundred .

    How you would preserve your anonymity rather depends on what the organisation would like you to do . If contact is restricted to the internet this is fairly easy , but it obviously becomes impossible if they expect you to council people personally .

  • Thank you for the response. It's a risk but one I feel I should take. I'd mitigate it by travelling out of area where I could. I feel that my experience is one to share and say that life can be good and full.

    I'll contact them and see how it plays out.

  • Hey i live in lincolnshire only a few mates my dad and doc know i am poz i have worked for with a hiv charity i am looking to move back to lincoln and start again with a charity as where i am there is no support i have never been outed

  • Thank you 😀

  • Welcome hope it helps

  • Counselling does not depend on your disclosure. It's about listening, advice and guidance (not to teach you how to suck eggs) sorry.

  • Thanks, I kinda know the deal really but one person knowing is 100% more than they do now 😀

  • I have a friend who works for a local charity, he hasn't disclosed he is poz to anyone. Is it necessary to be poz to help others? Is your status key to helping them? If not then perhaps don't tell them...?

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