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CD4 Count Increase

Hi guys! How are you? Hope all is well.

Last week was my 6 month in medication. And I'm very happy that my cd4 count increases from 395 to 622.

Does it mean that HIV now a days is a manageable disease? It's just like having high blood pressure? Diabetes? A maintenance that you need to take every night?

You know what guys, the result made me really happy. Though the virus is still present but we can control it. All we need is just SELF DISCIPLINE AND PERSEVERANCE to fight this virus.

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HIV is now considered a chronic rather than terminal illness.

As far as we know if you take your meds your life expectancy might only be reduced by 5 years.

So yes. More like Diabetes than Evola.

Live, be happy, enjoy life.


I'm happy for you to, I hope your numbers grow and grow😃

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