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Hiv please help

Hiv please help

I had an exposure in africa Gambia. 10 days after I started getting symptoms, they started with hot and cold flushes. Night sweats and fever. I had diarrhea and muscle aches. My tougue started to become white and the palms of my hands started to peel, I felt very week and was not hungry at all. This carried on for 2 weeks. Then I went back home and my weakness and muscle aches continued, I started to have really bad sore throat, my tougue had thrush. My palms and fingers were peeling. I had stomach problems and felt sick all the time mainly in the mornings. I also had a rash but it comes and goes. By this I mean one second I have it and another I dont.

At 9 weeks after exposure I went for a hiv test. It was a antibody 4 generation test which was negative with a reading of 0.14.

My symptoms continued and I had more. By now my penis was getting red marks like trush also my hands and feet were getting pins and needles and numbness on my right hand fingers. Mainly the pins and needles are on my fingers and hands.

As I still had syphtoms I had a hiv 1 and 2 test in a different clinic in Spain at 84 days after exposure which was an antibody 3 generation I think it was negative with a reading of 0.29.

After that I kept having syphtoms so I went to the doctors and they ran a full range of tests and the only think that was picked up was high liver enzymes. Which the doctors did not seem to worried about.

Its now 18 weeks and my troat is really red and my togue has trush still. I get rashes on my penis and my hads peel still. My pins and needles mainly on my fingers are worse I also have numbness and my palms get like a white and red bloches but its in the skin not raised so its not a rash. I still feel sick most days.

Please advise. Has anyone ever got a postive result after a negative at 9 weeks and 84 days?

Could it be my is taking longer to produce antibodies?

When will a test be conclusive?


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The symptoms you are describing are what would come from an advanced case of HIV, especially the thrush, which is an opportunistic infection that comes only when the immune system is greatly compromised. Of course, I'm not a doctor, but I would be looking elswhere. Of you have overused antibiotics, those symptoms are spot on what would manifest.


How long does it take to have advanced hiv?

Thanks forcthe reply


It would really depend on the strain of virus one is infected with and one's own systemic response. I was without treatment for the better part of 12 years and never became full blown, but typically 3-10 years. I have heard of strains that advance in a matter of a year or so but from what I understand those strains have quickly burned out. Again, I would like to stress that I'm not an expert and am passing on what I have read over the course of decades .


I hope if I am infected It is not a quick progressive strain as I have many symptoms and my exposure was in west Africa. I have read there is a very bad strain there. Got another test at the 6 months point. I feel constantly with nausea


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