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Drugs left in the car (high heat)


It was hot today and I left the 4 days doses of my truvada, norvir and prezista in the car (globe compartment). The car was under the sun for about an hour maybe a bit more. When I entered the car it was very hot. Do you think this would influence their potency?

I read that Norvir is ok with high temperatures. Prezista/Truvada on the other hand can be stored briefly for up to 30 degrees C (86 degrees F) in their original containers not in a pill box.

Any suggestions, out of your personal experience? Should I worry about what happened today? I can't just throw away those 4 doses and I already took one of them today.

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Most glove boxes are insulated and do not get nearly as hot as the cabin of a car, so you should be OK.

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