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Talking to Children

I found this site whilst trying to try to my work colleagues about HIV and stuff. I sometimes work in school environments and my colleagues wanted to know if I was safe. Anyway they were brave enough to ask and I suppose thats good. I have composed a letter to them and I included some links. The best being GREAT GUIIDE TO THE BASICS

I also found the CHIVA site and love it.

One click away on the above link but I ll do the link here as well is the guide to speaking to your children about your HIV.

Possibly the biggest thing you'll have to tell anyone...... Some stories I have heard were, "OK Mum , can I go watch TV now? ". Love to any parents out there worrying about this.

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I'm glad you liked the CHIVA web site. I was one of the major developers of the site. I took it from a one page site on the main BHIVA site to more or less what they have now.

CHIVA also run summer camp exclusively for young people living with HIV. You can find information about that on the site too.


Thanks for sharing that Dano, I have step grandchildren, and tho they havnt asked yet I k ow they will....... :)


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