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Ive got hiv but hiv hasn't got me

Was diagnosed in 1983 and still going strong i have had my ups and downs dont get me wrong.i went without meds for 18 years was an accident at work that made me go on meds through weight loss .my viral load is undetectable and my cd4 count is around 400 .i do have a bright outlook on life and would like tomeet or chat with other females.just be strong everybody both mentally and physicaly im 54 year of age but still young at heart .

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I like you outlook :)


I have always had a good outlook regarding hiv aids kevin i still mind to this day over 32 years ago being told i had hiv after a blood result.the doctor wanted me to try a drug called azt wich was basically doing nothing and i cheeckily said phone me when you have a cure as ive said i went 18 years without treatment not bad because i was given 5 years to live .so what did i do.i lived and i still am living all i am saying to anyone with hiv aids is dont give in be strong mentaly which is important aswell as physically take care


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