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I was diagnosed last year and I have been in hospital for just over a year after a bout of Double Pneumonia with added complication of peripheral neuropathy. Which I am slowly getting over with excellent rehab. I am to be discharged in 2 weeks. So having a year to get to now about it etc, I feel well informed but the fear I have is my world of work and travel. My family and close friends know (before I was told may I add) which saved me a job of telling them. I also fear that I will NEVER have a relationship again.

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Know how you feel, in similar situation thinking I will never meet that someone special, without the fact of having to reveal my status.. Hopefully sites like this will help overcome this..


I found out in 1996 been pretty healthy i do have some coplications neuropathy etc. After i lost my first partner,thought i would be alone till i died. I did find love again. So nothing is impossible just stay positive and keep living. Thats all we can do


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