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Hello,doing great except

Hi , I was diagnosed June 3 2013. I nearly died. I lost 45 lbs. I had pneumonia and could barely walk from being so weak. I am was married and have a 13 year old daughter. Never are infected. My wife stayed with and supported me until now. In early November she told me she was moving out. 15 years married and bam. It has devastated me. Having HIV , I have felt with this with stride. I'm very healthy now. Mentally I'm a mess. I'm going through major depression because of my wife leaving me. She was my support and now I came home to an empty house. This sucks I am seeing a dr. Who has me on antidepressants but the last 2.5 months has rocked my stability. I am looking for encouragement to go on . I have my daughter 3 days a week which helps. But my depression is so bad I am finding it hard to cope. Depression, rejection and struggling to accept all this. My wife in her leaving me used my my having Aids and like men has a point to hurt me and make me feel like shit. The marriage was shit and not a physical relationship but rather a close friendship. I was use to her being here for conversation and just having her around. She told me she deserves to be loved. Now I am alone in this shit.

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My wife had stayed with me since being diagnosed in 2010. She has stayed with me and help me pull through from a position of near death with a CD4 count of 9. The first year after diagnosis was hell we both went for counselling. She was the reason I pulled through but she had constantly reminded me of that fact ever since. I sometimes wish she would leave me as I feel to in debt to her to be brave enough to say we should split.


My God this is tough. I want to give up every day


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