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Dear community members,

There has recently been a flurry of postings by someone who is claiming to have been cured of HIV using some herbal remedy. This is a bogus claim, THERE IS NO CURE FOR HIV.

Once a cure has been found, believe me we will all know about it. The medical team responsible will be world famous. They would have little need to be crawling round online support sites like ours and having to use a Gmail account to contact them.

Anyone claiming to have or be able to cure us is a charlatan, looking to pray on the most vulnerable people in our collective societies.

I also include any religious leaders in this. Those who have found strength in the lord will know that the lord will help to heal the soul and help us find inner strength so we can live long, happy and constructive liveswith HIV . Only antiretroviral treatment can fight the virus we are all living with.

I have removed all the postings from the person in question, I have also asked the HealthUnlocked team to ban them from ever contacting anyone through the site.

If you see any posting that I have missed, please let me know and I will remove them too. If you would rather contact me directly about this, or any other issue, you can email me at paul.decle@hiv.partners

Just to be absolutely clear, there is no cure for HIV. Once one is found it will be headline news in every newspaper around the world, it will be on every news channel for weeks, we will all know when there is a legitimate cure.

All the best,


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Oh I was looking forward to reading that fiction lol.......


I am glad that these claims have been nipped at the bud before many people who are already vulnerable get sucked in to a con that's absolutely not supported by this site. Good job Paul.


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