HIV Partners

We just passed the 500 members mark

Dear community members,

I thought I would just post a line to say we have just passed my first milestone. Our group have just passed the 500 members line Yippie!!!

HIV partners and HealthUnlocked started this online community for people living with HIV six months ago (just after my 54th birthday) to help support people who may have been recently diagnosed or who have been living with the virus for some time.

I am really proud of our community and the way we can all pull together to support each other .

In response to my question a few weeks ago about how you all want to see things develop and the latest poll about dating and romance, I have made a start on building a new website to support making stronger connections with each other. Don't get too excited it will take me a few months to get this up and running ;-)

That is all for now I just thought you might like to know that we now have 503 members.

All the best,


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well done Paul and all at HIV partners - we are very proud to host one of the largest online HIV communities on the UK on our site. While we have 500 active and contributing members, we also have over 5000 people a month visiting the community each month. Your activity is making a difference to all these peoples lives, so please keep up the good work!


Hip hip that's good that's a good plan you have it will be good to make friends and hopeful find love too.i have been on my own for too long


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