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Leaving well

Hello Everyone

I was diagnosed H.I.V Positive in 2006,I was unwell for almost 3 months before my diagnosis .One morning I was finding it difficult to breath,I went to the hospital and I got admitted immediately got put on antibiotics for P.C.P Pneumonia.One month went by and I was told that am H.I.V positive my CD4 count was 10. I started on meds Sastiva and Kivexa the side effects were terrible but what mattered to me was to be well again.

2016 I am feeling we and leaving my life to the fullest still taking medication my CD4 count is 650 now and very pleased.

Stigma and discrimination is still there,what can you do you just have to pick yourself up and hold your head up and continue to leave.

I ran my own business in health and wellness industry. Which is absolutely booming at the moment! We help people develop a second income flexibly around their current commitments.

It's a global business where we operate in 150 countries, We're cash rich,debt free which means we're an extremely stable business.

I am loving my life right now and if anyone want to chat my email is or message me on 07577634772.

Love u all xxx

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Email me at love to learn more. Daniel here. Thanks.


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