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Treatment Finished and on the mend!!!!!

Today is Monday, April 1st. I finished my treatment on March 20th. My last shot of Interferon was on March 14th. Wow.....I am finished.

I wanted to post this when I finished but my life has been somewhat hectic lately and I never got a chance to post.

I just want to say that I find it so strange to not be on treatment any longer. Don't get me wrong.....I don't ever want to do it again, but after 24 weeks of takiing so much medication and giving myself the shot of Interferon every Thursday night for 24 weeks, it just feels very strange to not do any of that any longer. The drugs that I was taking (Incivek for the first 12 weeks, Ribavirin and Interferon for the full 24 weeks) are very, very strong and powerful drugs. They do so much to your body and system. I had my bloodwork done on March 25th and I have not received the results yet. I do expect to hear that I continue to be Undetected and that my blood is fine. I am looking forward to having my bloodwork done in June as this is when I will find out for sure if I am cured (SVR). I know I am.....I know I was cured at the 4 week mark when I was Undetected........I just need to have the doctor confirm this in June and then that will be it. The Hep-C will only be something I used to have. I am looking forward to hearing that news and be done with it all.

My treatment went fairly smoothly after I finished the Incivek in late December. As you may recall, I suffered greatly with the nausea from the Incivek. It was very, very hard. Since that ended in December, I have been relatively side effects free. I suffer a little with muscle aches and pains but not much. I have never had any bad side effects from either the Ribavirin or the Interferon. I think I was pretty lucky on that part.

It will be a while before I am back to the old me. I know that I think I feel pretty good right now but as my NP told me, I have been feeling like this for so long that I think I am okay. She said that when I start to feel like my old self, I will realize how badly I was feeling. That makes sense and I am looking forward to getting my old energy back and to get back running out on the road. I think I miss that part of my old life the most........running. Once my blood gets back to normal levels, I will start up my running again and it will take some time before I get back to where I was before treatment started. Oh well.....I don't mind going through the training again and I am looking forward to running my first post treatment half-marathon in October of this year.

Things are going great for me. I will post another blog when I get my bloodwork results back and let everyone know how things are going. Thanks for reading this blog and I wish all of you good health and happy days.


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Great to hear good news. I wish you well and you've given me hope that the treatment which may start in September may not be too bad.

Happy running!


Thanks for your well wishes. I am glad that I have given you hope that treatment won't be too bad. There are many, many people who do this triple treatment and go through it very well. I don't know the reason why some suffer more than others, but hopefully you will get through with minimal sides. I hope you will write blogs here when you do start treatment.