Missed heart beats

I have recently had sensations of missed heart beats and also a couple of episodes of irregular heart beats following exercise which self corrected. I have had checks and have no heart disease, thankfully. I am 57, female and have a healthy BMI. I have started exercising regularly but only very gently. I don't really understand why this should be happening and what I can do to manage it. All thoughts gratefully received.

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  • Hi Norni, it is common for the heart to occasionally skip a beat, often with no cause for concern. As you have experienced recurring symptoms however, it may be worth completing our Your Heart in Your Hands checklist to help you organise and list your symptoms prior to sharing with your GP aaaw.org.uk/files/file/1203... - thank you

  • Thanks very much, I will do that.

  • hi norni im a 33 woman aboout a month ago from no where started experiancing missed heart beats which self corrected after 2 days,,i went to gp and had an ecg which they said was ok,,my blood pressure and pulse were quite high on that visit but a week later were ok,,then at the begining of the week after quite a long and fast walk it has started again but this time has gone on longer and not yet self corrected the gp did reffer me to cardiologist but i am still waiting for an appointment,,so i was just wondering if it had happened again to you and did you ever get any answers about it what it was or what caused it?? i would be super gratefull for any response thank you ..louise

  • It seems to have settled down. Occasionally if I run I get it, but because I've been checked out I am not so worried. Think you did the right thing getting checked out too, hope it works out for you.

  • hi I to get this... how are you 2 getting along now....please

  • I'm fine thank you. I have had extensive cardio investigations and had the all clear. I would encourage you to get it investigated if your heart rate is not right as there are various causes for it apparently. Better to be safe..... Good luck.

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