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Good evening,

I had an ablasion 12 years ago from SVT and went into cardiac arrest from it. Ever since then I have been having horrible palpitations that go beat..stop..beat..stop or beat, beat..stop.. beat,beat..stop. does anyone experience this? Since I can hardly functiom.because of how feequent these are and have severe anxiety from it. I jave been to many, many doctors and every one says it's normal and I'm going to be fine. I feeling I .going to die and it takes my breath away. Is there anyone else who.has this? Please help!!!

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Like most causes of palpitations, ectopic beats are usually harmless and do not mean you have a serious heart condition. They generally require no treatment unless they occur very often or are very severe. Palpitations and ectopic beats are usually nothing to worry about. The cause is often unknown - or 'idiopathic'.

Just going to find you a recording of a cardiologist who talks about them - in a way everyone can understand.


Here it is:

Incidentally, he's made a lot more YouTube presentations.

Search YouTube for York Cardiology ectopic beats


Hang in there. I'm sure it's the same thing that most of us get from time to time.My wife had a cardiac arrest from Afib but it was not the main cause.

She was severely dehydrated causing her blood to thicken and the blood in her Atrium curdled causing a massive blood clot that caused the arrest.

Where you told what caused yours as I've not heard personally of anyone having cardiac arrest from any SVT. VT I can understand but not SVT

Hi there,I had SVT ablation in 1996, cured SVT but I do get lots of ectopics; a few 1000 on a bad day. My advice is stop looking for a cure, find the drug that helps you the best and, if the doctors say you are fine, then believe them. Calm down about it and train yourself to accept this as part of normal heart function. Easy to say but hard to do. The more you panic the more you notice them, the more you get. I know how you feel but there is light. Exercise is a real help and don’t drink too much alcohol. In truth you will feel a fool if you look back on your life and realise you wasted it panicking about something that was natural and never going to hurt you. I have had these crazy ectopics for over 40 years and I am still here, feeling fine.

Train yourself to think about other things. Good luck my friend.

James H

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I am so sorry to hear about your recent experiences. Our friendly Patient Services Team are available to offer comfort, support and advice. If you would like to get in touch please contact either our helpline 01789 867 501 or via email

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