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Bigeminy, pvc’s

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5:17am and I have been awake since 2:20 because I got awoken to a bout of pvcs in bigeminy, everytime I’ve tried to sleep since.. more bigeminy. Kept myself awake between the hours of 3-4am and no bigeminy! Why won’t my body let me sleep! I’m so sick of this sh1t.. I have bisopropol next to me on my nightstand and I know taking one makes me even worse and it makes me more angry, there’s no escape from this hell.

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Your frustration with this is coming through loud and clear. But unfortunately there's no simple answer or magic wand which can be waved which will stop this to order. Most people with arrhythmias feel some of this frustration over time and I think it's fair to say that many do have to live with a level of frustration because we are dealing with something which is not possible to control to will. It might even be that your high level of frustration is contributing to your complete inability to sleep. We're all capable of this. We wind ourselves up over things we can't control. A very well known German spiritual teacher and self-help author (Eckhart Tolle), describes this kind of discomfort as 'resistance to accepting what is, and not what we wish it was'.

And just as an alternative to having to experiment with medications, and have endless consultations to try to get help, I wonder if you might like to try some mindfulness meditation, which teaches a way in which to remain in the present moment in an accepting way, and not to fight and become frustrated.

Just a thought. If this does not appeal, then of course your only recourse is to continue to try all the ways conventional medicine offers you. Sadly neither way is an instant fix and accepting that, in one way or the other, might ultimately be your best help.

I agree with this so much. It’s so hard but when we get anxious we make them worse. I’ve definitely found that yoga, meditation, embodiment practices, these are the things which help me manage and I think help control too. Slow and mindful yoga, for wellness and resilience. It’s a passion of mine.

You always offer such brilliant advice and kind words - thank you.

Oh how kind of you to say so Kellylou1712. I’m just glad if it helps a bit!

I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad night, please don't hesitate to contact Arrhythmia Alliance for support & information should you need it: / 01789 867 501

Hi there.I suffered with this myself and it feels awful.I describe it like a car engine misfiring lumpy and jumpy.Unfortunately it very quickly slipped into persistant atrial fib.Im having my first cardioversion on Sat after paying privately for private consultation to get me this far along as covid has led hospital waits stretching kp to a years wait where I live.I read when ectopic kicked off.Usually most nights between 3 and 5am.

Thank you for your reply. I hope all went well for you on Saturday!

Hi Kellylou1712.Yes cv went well came away in sinus but still getting the wonderful ectopics.Ho hum.

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