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Really good info regarding symptom expectations post ablation!

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Hi all,

I found this article, which I feel gives a much more accurate representation and realistic timeline of the effects and severity of symptoms such as fatigue and hr changes, than much of the information found online or given by many healthcare professionals out there.

I wish I knew about some of what is contained in this study based on patient feedback before I went for ablation.

It probably wouldn't have changed my decision but may have better prepared me for some of the challenges I'm currently facing, and possibly made things easier and reduced my expectations of a quick recovery.

The best bits are found at the end in the results section. Hope this helps someone 👍

Take care ✌❤

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If I had read this prior to my first ablation over 12 years ago I would have been even more reluctant to go ahead!! Fortunately my recovery was uneventful but I've had 3 more since.

👍 definitely not trying to scare monger, I hope that hasn't been the result of the post. I Know many people have uneventful recovery, but for me at least it would have equipped me with a more realistic expectation for the recovery timeline.

I'm sure this is not scaremongering! We need as much information as possible. I was just thinking back to my situation in 2008/2009 when it was very difficult to get any information at all about AF ablations. Mine was mostly gleaned from US websites. If I had known that I was likely to need all that time to recuperate I would have turned into a cardiac cripple!

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