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Tachycardia related to bowel movements


Hi there

anyone get tachycardia (up to 160 bpm) that is bowel related (ie just before, during or after bowel movement)?

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Oh yes I do. The gut, brain and heart are so closely linked, read up about the vagus nerve, it could be vagally generated. Best wishes.

Sasical in reply to meadfoot

Will do, thanks. Any solutions?

meadfoot in reply to Sasical

Still looking for solutions. I have a cardiac app in two weeks and a gastric app a week later. I am hoping the two sets of medics are talking to each other as they said they would but not holding out much hope for a solution. Time will tell and if I get any joy I will let you know.

Sasical in reply to meadfoot

Please do, as I'm getting a bit scared and fed up. Good luck with your appointments

Yes I do but apart from Arrythmias (SVT & Cuplets) I can go from tachycardia to Bradycardia and as yet have not been given a reason. I also have Diverticular Disease, IBS and Bile acid reflux gastritis. Plus Autoimmune Disease, mainly Sjogren's Syndrome and possible Lupus.

Whenever I have gut/bowel problems my PR skyrockets to 180ish and sets of a whole host of other things.

Having said that there are times when it goes on a merry jaunt of its own.

At the moment GPs and myself are having to do what we can mainly because of this Covid19 thing and trying to get a referral. I'm one of those daft people because of my complex medical conditions A&E are "confused" as most if not all on duty at any given time do not specialise in the rarer/stranger medical problems. So it's actually safer for me to keep away from this department and at the moment for the GPs to deal with me via specialist consultants.

My advice is if it's a problem that is persistent as in everytime talk to your GP. If it actually happens for more than an hour call 111 especially if you have been diagnosed with a bowel disease. Also keep a check on your temp as well, all these things can be of help.

Sorry if this is a bit of a long reply and probably more information than you need. But bowel/ guts can sometimes be linked to cardiac problems but not always.

Yes it's very frustrating and confusing at times. I had a silly moment a few months ago with the heart rate sky high and discomfort and had to go to the hospital to be checked out and as the nurse was attaching me to the monitor told me to let her know if I was having any abdominal pain. 🤣😂🤣😂😂. I have a diagnosis of IBS, Diverticular Disease and Bile acid reflux Gastritis..... Errrr hello that's a lot of abdominal issues and pain unless they do scans they are not going to be able to tell what is what or if it's linked to the heart problem.

Listen to your body you have lived with it for as long as you have lived so you should know if something is not right.

Good luck.


Sasical in reply to Boudica1

Thank you so much for your detailed reply, at the moment I'm being checked by both cardiologists and gastro but and so far no clear diagnosis. The cardiologist thinks maybe svt and the gastro is testing for pheo but he has not sent me for colonoscopy as I had one almost 3 years ago and gastroscopy almost 6 years ago. I reslly feel my tachy is caused in some way by my digestive system.

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