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Are Vitamin D Supplements a Trigger for SVT ?


Hi all. Has anyone else found that taking vitamin D supplements has been a trigger for SVTs .

My GP has wanted me to take calcium and vitamin D for some time. But I’ve resisted since I believe I get enough calcium in my diet and there’s some evidence that excess calcium can lead to hardening of arteries.

I have fairly asymptomatic heart failure and there’s some evidence that vitamin D can be beneficial to those with such heart conditions. So, since we’ve just come out of the winter season and with lockdown restricting access to sunlight, I decided to start taking vitamin D on it’s own.

However after a few days of taking the supplement I’ve just had a 2 hour bout of SVT, the first time I’ve had an extended spell in about 2 years. I can normally stop my SVTs within just a few seconds using vagus techniques but this one just kept going.

Anyone else noticed similar issues with vitamin D ?

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Some people cannot tolerate vitd supplements so you may be one of us, I can't take it in any form as it makes me feel very unwell and it's not an unusual problem.

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Interesting. It doesn’t make me feel unwell though, just seems to have set off the SVT.

I would be surprised if Vit D caused it.

That’s what I thought but the timing is right and nothing else has changed to trigger an SVT.

I can’t find anything online connecting vit D with SVTs but there are a few medical papers reporting potential issues with excess vit D triggering atrial fibrillation . So it does appears there is a connection with arrhythmia :

You have me thinking Richard as I get AF and take about 10,000 IU of Vit D a day.Perhaps I should cut back a bit.

Maybe have a word with your cardiologist / GP. It’s on my list of things to chat about with mine when I see them next.

Thank you Richard.

No problems with myself, I had an ablation for AVNRT four years ago and have been taking vitamin D tablets intermittently.

Speak to your Cardiologist.

Best regards


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Thanks. Yeah, I'll make a note to talk to them about it when I see them later in the year.

No, I have a very mild SVT (1 or 2 episodes a year and easily controlled with vagus techniques) and anxiety-related palps, but not noticed any correlation with my taking a vitamin D supplement. Hope you bottom it out.

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