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VT Ablation


Hello everyone

Is there anybody on here who has had an ablation specifically for Ventricular Tachycardia ? And was the ablation the first option ?

Ive been diagnosed with none sustained VT I’m currently taking 20mg of Bisoprolol but they are miking me feel very lethargic

I’m thinking of going down the ablation route because I’m still getting long episodes of PVCs.

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Never had an ablation. I’m also on a beta blocker. Keeps my pulse 40-50s. So tired. But I’d rather take a med than think about an ablation. Maybe they can try diltiazem/calcium channel blocker in addition to bisoprolol. Maybe reduce dose of bisoprolol and add CCB. Some docs try both and even other arrhythmia drugs before thinking about ablation. Have you ever had a monitor? Do they know what’s causing your VTach?

Hi yes I had a monitor fitted last year that’s what picked up the VT but strangely enough I was surprised when the reading came back because I didn’t feel it. I’ve had all the tests done mri/angiogram/ct scan / pet scan / stress test and echo cardio gram all came back clear. I want to get off the meds they are poison not take any more. you can’t mix ccb with beta blockers they both work in different ways. I did originally start off on verapamil which didn’t help me at all they was prescribed by my doctor but according to my cardiologist verapamil is not the right medicine for VT it’s used sometimes for svt. I personally know 3 ppl who have all had ablutions 2 of them was for vt and the other was for svt and all 3 was a success.

You can mix the two. It actually is better at preventing VT moreso than one alone. See paper below. Ablations don’t always work and meds aren’t poison. They are meant to help control things so you don’t have to have an invasive procedure. Although ablation has worked for others, it is usually suggested to exhaust all medical therapies before choosing an invasive one that does come with risks and is irreversible.


Mine was for AVNRT

Hi m8 AVNRT is A type of super ventricular tachycardia where the problems is with the upper part of the heart totally different to VT. VT is the lower chambers.

Hi ,

I was diagnosed with NSVT .

My cardiologist increased the dose of bisoprolol to 10 mg .

My NSVT was not controlled with bisoprolol completely.

I did the ablation and it worked for me 100% successfully so far .

The procedure was done 3 months ago and I have a follow up appointment in May. Mine was in bad area but it worked well.

I was really scared of heart failure if my v-tach is not controlled properly. So I accepted the ablation very quickly and it worked for me.

Talk to a good EP not a general cardiologist.

If the ablation gets done by expert person it is 80% of times bring complete cure.

Much better than having heart failure in time

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Thank you

I’m now on 20mg of Bisoprolol now I started on 2.5 last year and every time I’ve been back to see my cardiologist he’s increased the dosage to the max. I should of gone to see my cardiologist last week to discuss an ablation but my appygit cancelled due to cov-19. I’m that desperate now I tried to pay private but even the private sector are not taking anyone on they have quoted me £15k for EP study including the ablation. I’m in the uk West Yorkshire. Where did you have your procedure done ? And what was the cause of your VT ?

Kind regards Lee

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Hi again,

I live in Canada . I did my ablation in St. Michael hospital in Toronto.

I am 38 years old female and I am a pharmacist. Actually I did my education in UK

If you are thinking about private sector , then think about other countries like US and Canada as well.

My V-tach was idiopathic . Are you getting visited by EP? Did you talk to him about the side effect of your drugs or about the chance of developing heart failure in long term.

An expert EP will weigh all these things and can give you a good advice.

If you want some body in UK to discuss these things go to Dr. Schilling .

I preferred to go to academic centre and to Prof of university to discuss my case. So I did not hesitate when they recommended me what to do.

I can very well tell you where to go in Canada as I am living here and I did search for myself .

But have a good discussion with an expert EP before choosing what to do.

Do not forget you have the option of other countries if you wish to go for private sectors.

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Hi thanks again for your kind response

I haven’t seen an EP yet I last had a consultation with my cardiologist 3 months ago thats when he increased my Bisoprolol to 20mg from 15mg but there is no change in how I feel. I should of seen him again last week but it got cancelled due to Cov-19 situation.

My cardiologist did mention if the increase in Bisoprolol doesn’t work we can add a calcium channel blocker to take alongside the beta blocker he also mentioned that another option is a med called Amiodarone which usually works well for VT. I have done lots of research on Amiodarone and that med scares me more than the ablation procedure so no way on earth would I take that.

It’s all happened so quickly I’m 47 year old male never had any medical conditions at all until 12 months ago I started with these horrible palpatations which got worse and seemed to last longer sometimes making me feel light headed which is very scary.

I’m really in a no win situation at present I can’t even pay to go private in the uk due to all the private consultants now helping in the NHS hospitals.

I had a ablation for PVC in 2018 at Cleveland clinic. I highly recommend it if you want to get off the meds.

Hi there!

I actually had a VT ablation in the beginning of December. (RVOT- VT) is what my official diagnosis was.

I dealt with this for a number of years

I am a 34 (35 in a couple weeks!) Year old female.

about 5 years ago I first noticed the VT when I was climbing a mountain pass in Chile. I hike and am very active...also very aware to my body. I noticed it, but it went away and my rhythm went back to normal.

When I returned home I went to a cardiologist who put me on a 48 hour halter monitor and detected nothing. I hiked steep mountains trying to provoke it, but nothing.

So I chalked it up to " I had this checked out- I will move on"

Over the next few years the VT would come very randomly, but always exercise induced.

Many doctors told me I was healthy and no worries.. Finally in 2018 Every time I got my heart rate up I would go into VT. I saw several different cardiologists and eventually EP's who narrowed it down. They were able to capture the VT on stress tests.

I have had every other scan and test to show my heart, valves and all the plumbing, structurally is in great shape. I was on Flecainide for a little over a year. I was told I had CPVT which was polymorphic and ablation wouldn't work.

The flecainide suppressed the VT but I still suffered a lot from PVC's. I couldn't exercise much as the Flecainide made me dizzy and I still had lots of PVC's when working out. Last summer I got a second opinion from another EP. He tried me on Verapamil, but I found out very quickly that did not work to supress my VT.

I asked about ablation. He said it would work for me, because unlike the first EP that said I had CPVT, this feller thought I had RVOT-VT. Which basically meant, my arrhythmia wasn't polymorphic. I wanted ablation so I could get off medication. I consider myself to be young and don't want to be on meds my entire life. Also, flecainide has some nasty side effects, and is proven to be unsafe during every stage of pregnancy.

Even though I wanted to try ablation- I was very nervous! The procedure went smooth (I was awake for it, they gave me a lot of adrenaline to provoke my VT. They were only able to provoke the PVC's but they believe that is the source of my VT, so they ablated them)

Anyhow. My recovery has been a bit all over. The first week I had NO PVC's and felt great. After about a week I started getting PVCs again. I wasn't on any medication at this time. My nurse suggested the ablation didn't work if I was having PVC's. This was of course, upsetting. I also developed pericarditis (inflammation around the sac around my heart) When I went to my follow up appointment my EP said it could still take a couple months for my heart to settle down and wasn't disappointed by my PVC's I did a stress test on the treadmill and while I had some PVC's I didn't have any VT! I took my stress test 6 weeks after my ablation which was quite early.

It has now been 5 months since my ablation. the last 5 weeks or so my PVCs have really quieted down. I have began exercising again and have produced no episodes of VT! I am very satisfied but also apprehensive to being too excite as I have heard it can come back. For now, I am thrilled to be medication free and VT free and able to exercise again!

Sorry for the lengthy story. I just wanted to give you all the details because when I was searching for information I found it to be lacking in my condition. I hope you can get in for an ablation sooner than later. While the doctors suggested PVC's were harmless, I found them to be very uncomfortable, unsettling and exhausting.

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thank you so much for spending time sharing your story

Like you I’ve had all the tests done mri / ct / pet scan / echocardiogram/ angiogram / stress test and all came back clear it was the halter monitor that picked up a run of VT it picked up a 16 beat run of broad complex tachycardia which went at a rate of 194 bpm which I couldn’t believe when I got the results back because I didn’t even recall feeling anything the whole 7 days of having the monitor on. They said the most likely diagnosis is RVOT-VT like yourself but they are not 100 % sure.

I was originally put on verapamil but that did nothing I was still getting PVCs

so they changed me to Bisoprolol started me off on a low dose 2.5mg about 9 months ago

I’m now on the maximum dose of 20mg and I’m still getting absolutely inundated with PVCs

which sometimes I can get 4 in a row which make me feel light headed which is very scary.

My cardiologist says everyone gets PVCs some people are more sensitive than others

but he’s not the one getting them. It’s very strange because for the last 2 months for some reason I get them when I’m in the car I can feel them coming on I have a watch that records my bpm and it goes between 130 - 140 bpm which is far too high just for the sake of driving the car it must be something to do with the motion of the car.

I was speaking to a lady on here she had idiopathic fibrosis RVOT-VT

her ablation was a success.

Once again thank you so much for your time and good luck going forward no more VT or PVCs for you 🙂

I know Svt is different (I had AVNRT) but I was on 2.5 mg of Bisoprolol and didn’t like the way it made me so tired. I had an ablation 6 months ago and been good ever since, no meds or anything.

I’m really pleased you are doing well 👍

Hi again,

You mentioned you never got visited by electrophysiologist. If I were in your position I would definitely discuss my case with EP (Electrophysiologist).

In UK you can easily get visited privately by specialist and when it come to procedure use NHS.

You can go based on advice from your cardiologist for now but try to change him in the first possible time that you can.

Prof Mark Oneil works in

The Harley Street Clinic 88 Harley Street London W1G 7HR

TEL: 020 7636 6363 FAX: 020 7631 1306

you can contact this centre and have a consultation with him . He is a famous electrophysiologist in UK based on St Thomas hospital.

He can guid you and let you know what you need to do.

I believe your general cardiologist should have referred you sooner than this.

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Hi again

Do you mean for me to pay private for the electrophysiologist then go through the NHS for the actual ablation procedure ?

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Hi thank you again

I will be discussing your case when I eventually get back to see my cardiologist

and in the meantime I will be making enquires about paying private for the EP Study. I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂

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