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Bisoprolol and Flacainide

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Saw the cardiologist yesterday and the wanted to start me on flacainide along with my bisoprolol. The flacainide is supposed to help with the PVCs that I get. I’m just nervous because they do a EKG 2 days after starting it because it can effect your rhythm. She said there is less then a 1% chance that will happen but it’s always scary starting new meds. Is anyone else on this combo, or something similar?

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Yes, I'm on 2 x 100mg Flecainide daily along with a beta blocker. Flecainide is for rhythm control while Bisoprolol controls the rate. Flecainide has very good results for most people I know.


Yes, I was on exactly the same for a few years. 200mg Flec and a massive 20mg Biso. The biso will make you feel very tired for a few weeks but after that things will get back to normal. I had the tired thing quite a few times as they increased the biso from an intitial 2.5mg then I think to 5mg, then 10mg and then a huge jump to 20mg!


I've just gone from 50mg twice a day to 100mt twice a day flacainide 3 weeks ago all ok so far I also take 180mg once a day Verapamil down from 240mg.

Don't get many eptopics or pvc very often now.Always scary taking new medications but I think you're going to be fine and will see big benefits.

I am not wanting any surgery if I can prevent it by taking medications.

Good luck and all the best to you.

Regards Marty.

Hi, I have been on Tildiem (calcium channel blocker not beta blocker and 2 x 50mg Flecainide for the last 16 months, so far sorted all my issues out, no side effects at all, couldnt ask for more...... good luck

Thanks everyone for the replies!

I’m scared because everything I’ve read online says it can cause VT and VF! That’s terrifying.

Doc knows best, they may not now everything (or get it right every time) but they do know your condition better than anyone else and they make best judgement given their knowledge, competency and experience. Personally I have had SVT for over 20 years and been on increasing Bisoproplol, it became very bad with the addition of ectopics for the first 5 months of 2018, started doing some self help from May which gradually started to improved my condition, then Doc started me on Flec in August and not had any since. Better still Doc has been gradually reducing the Bisoproplol, now on just 2.5mg and feeling alive again. For me Flec is a miracle drug for heart rate (it was developed for heart rhythm but is now being used for other arrhythmia). I do think that you also have to do self help to really improve the root cause of the condition as the medication just helps to fix the symptoms.

I have svt and was on that combo for 10 years with no side effects

I used to get so many ectopic beats, runs of them, and I got so upset. Bisoprolol didn't help at all, but now I'm on flecainide I've improved so much! I hardly get any ectopics now, just odd occasional ones like anyone might, and I can cope with that. Flecainide has made my life so much better! And no side effects at all!

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